Element Gaming Co. Announces Partnership with SoarDogg

Element Gaming Co. Announces Partnership with SoarDogg

3 weeks ago

Element Gaming Co. is pleased to announce its new partnership with SoarDogg, a leader in custom gaming apparel. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone as it transitions from its previous apparel provider, Pegasus Apparel Co.

This change was necessitated by a strategic review of Element Gaming Co.’s apparel needs and a desire to elevate the quality and availability of its merchandise. The review concluded that a new direction was needed due to the prior management challenges encountered with Pegasus Apparel Co., which impacted the quality of service and products expected by Element Gaming Co. and its community.

"We are thrilled to partner with SoarDogg, known for their dedication to excellence and innovation in eSports apparel," said Aleks, CEO of Element Gaming Co. "SoarDogg’s commitment to quality and their reputation for delivering top-tier products align perfectly with our vision to enhance our team’s performance and fan experience."

SoarDogg is celebrated for its cutting-edge designs and high-quality materials, making them the ideal partner for Element Gaming Co. as it continues to grow and make its mark in the competitive world of esports.

Element Gaming Co. looks forward to a dynamic partnership with SoarDogg and is eager to bring its players and supporters a new range of high-quality, professionally designed apparel.